Crypto Bank Token is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is advanced version of ERC20, with a limited total supply of 60,000,000.

Crypto Bank Token Details

Token Name

Crypto Bank Token

Token Symbol


Tokens Offered


Accepted Currency

BNB (Binance Coin)

Soft Cap

$ 3.5 Million

Hard Cap

$ 15 Million

Soft Cap for Token sale


Hard Cap for Token sale

Token Launch (ICO) 20-September-2021
Private Sale $0.5 / token
ICO Round I 20-November-2021
Round One Price $0.65 / token
ICO Round II 20-December-2021
Round Two Price $0.75 / token
ICO Round III 20-January-2022
Round Three Price $0.85 / token
ICO Round IV 20-Fabruary-2022
Round Four Price $0.95 / token

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 50%Will be on various Crypto Exchanges
  • 12.5% ICO Allocation for Platform and Perform Upgrades to the system, which
    includes team recruiting, training, and development budget
  • 17.5% For Community Development which includes continuous promotion and
    education of Crypto Bank Token features, technology and usage.
  • 5%For Marketing & Brand Development Team
  • 5%For Administration, Legal & Regulation team
  • 5%Ecosystem Development
  • 5%Reserved to cope any emergency
    or unexpected situation

How to Stake

Create Account

  • 1. Download Decentralized wallet i.e. Trust Wallet, Meta Mast, Math Wallet etc. on your mobile or desktop. Download links are given in supported wallets section.
  • 2. Save your recovery phrase or mnemonic phrase (12 words) in a safe place and never share with anyone. This will be heplful if you need to restore your wallet.
  • 3. Open any decentralized wallet, Click on daap button, and search www.cryptobanktoken.org. Click on the Login button to enter in the decentralized world of crypto currency
  • 4. Click on Staking button and choose your amount and staking period.
  • 5. Enjoy best assured returns with holding of crypto bank token

Staking Benefits

Community Governance

Crypto Bank Token (CBT) holders have the ability to create proposals and vote for new features such as adding new products & services as a core team member.

Bonus Program

Crypto Bank Token (CBT) holders can utilize CBT to claim special features and enjoy extra yields on the CBT Earn and Lending programs.

Assured Dividend

Crypto Bank Token (CBT) holders have the privilege to enjoy Assured Dividend on staking with best annual percentage yields.

Discount & Offers

Users may use Crypto Bank Token for discounts on the products and services whosw providers are in support of Crypto Bank Token.


We have aim in mind of changing the face of existing digital Currency model with Decentralized, Fast and Transparent Crypto Currency Model with Crypto Bank Token.

March 2020

Decided to develop a cryptocurrency named Crypto Bank Token (CBT).

July 2020

Developed a physical community of Crypto Enthusiastics, Crypto Miners and Crypto Investors

January 2021

In-house testing of Multiple Revenue Generation Models Based on Blockchain Technology

April 2021

Succussfully Developed Multiple Revenue Generation Models Based on Blockchain Technology

July 2021

Backend and Accounting Solutions Ready Crypto Bank Token Launch

September 2021

Launching of Whitepaper and ICO on Binance Smart Chain Launchpad (BSCPAD) for Crypto bank Token in Multiple Phases

December 2021

Establishing Relationship with MNCs for using CBT for their services

March 2022

Creating global user base and APIs Integration on E-Commerce Portals for Utilization of Crypto Bank Token

June 2022

Beginning of CBT's trading on Exchange.

October 2022

Marketplace Cooperative Modules to Make Crypto Bank Token As a Universal Banking Solution.

December 2022

Creation of Own Blockchain that will Allow Others to Develop Dapps Solutions for Real Life Problems.

Technology Use Cases

Most seamless services which are going to give you a never-seen-before like experience. All our services are made to address your needs and give you a taste of unparalleled experience.

Chia Plotting & Farming
Plateform as a Service (PaaS)
Softwear as a Service (SaaS)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Members in CBT Community

To empower financial freedom, we are here to redefine the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Crypto Enthusiast
Crypto Miners
Crypto Investors
Block Chain Developers
Banking & Financial Advisers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Crypto Bank Token (CBT). If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Crypto Bank Token is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Blockchain (BSC) which is advanced version of ERC20.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). A company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO as a way to raise funds. Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token may have some utility in using the product or service the company is offering, or it may just represent a stake in the company or project. And investors receive good returns in future. Our objective is to benefit our community of more that 50 Lac active users worldwide.

ICOs are generally launched in rounds. This affects the price of cryptocurrency. We are also opting for ICO of Crypto Bank Token in five different rounds. You are welcome to join our private sale anytime. Remember the sooner you participate, your chances of buying Crypto Bank Token at affordable prices get better.

This is completely decentralized on Binance Smart Chain so you can buy Crypto Bank Token using BNB, BUSD cryptocurrency, which is utilized by Binance Exchange also.

Establishing Relationship with MNCs for using Crypto Bank Token for their services.

We have succussfully Developed Multiple Revenue Generation Models Based on Blockchain Technology which will be utilized worldwide. For using that services Crypto Bank Token will be required and demand will increases. Demand, supply and circulation is the most basic rule of economics. Meaning, increase in the circulation and limited supply increases the demand of things. This is how the price of things shoots up. Thus, the price of Crypto Bank Token will also reach the next level.

Please refer to the ROADMAP section available on our website. You can even download our WHITEPAPER for seeking detailed answer to your question.

We are on the verge of launching our own payment gateway and premuim card services. Any individual, business or industry can leverage its potential to receive or send payments for daily uses i.e. Food, Petrol, Shopping online or Offline. On later stages we will lauch cryptocurrency based payment gateway.

We are excited to welcome you to the Crypto Bank Token Platform, your pathway to buy Crypto Bank Token. Please refer to the Crypto Bank Token video available on our website’s home page.

  • Add a custom token using the following data:
  • Crypto Bank Token smart contract.
  • 0xcd055df3ed1f2a5e6b2ec41abaa9c5c48c1fdb13
    Name: Crypto Bank Token
    Symbol: CBT

An BEP20 token is a blockchain-based asset with similar functionality to Bitcoin. It can hold value and be sent and received. The BEP20 tokens are stored and sent using BNB addresses and transactions, and use gas to cover transaction fees.

BEP-20 is a Binance Smart Chain token standard created with the intention of extending ERC-20, which is one of the most common Ethereum token standards out there. BEP-20 is a blueprint as to how a token can be spent, who can spend it, and it even has rules about its overall usage. The BEP-20 standard was both derived from and fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard, and the code of the functions that define the BEP-20 standard are modifications of the ERC-20 standard. These modifications were done and intended to improve the protocol while also optimizing its speed as well as transaction cost. These tokens could represent anything from shares within a business to dollars, which are stored in a bank vault such as stablecoins.

Yes, Crypto Bank Token is a tradable Cryptocurrency.

We are glad to hear from you via our social media channels. For faster response, please use our Contact Us form. We strongly suggest you to not to share any personal/account-related information publicly on any platform.

Answer of this question vary from country to country. It depends on the rules and regulations of your country. Irrespective of country rules if Do you still want to invest in Crypto Bank Token and buy or sell in future? Well, in that case, under any kind of circumstances, Crypto Bank Token will not be responsible for your financial loss any punishment imposed by the government of your country and state on you. One more thing, our whitepaper has not been endorsed by any government. Under all kind of circumstances, in part or in whole, for any purpose, you will need to seek written consent of Crypto Bank Token in advance. For more information in this regard, you are advised to read our whitepaper carefully and in detail. You can even browse through our website for the same. As for reason, Crypto Bank Token does not take any responsibility of your financial losses and legalities imposed on you by the government of your country and state for any reason.

How do I contact the Crypto Bank Token support team? For customer support or user feedback, shoot us an email at support@cryptobanktoken.org . Our team will do their best to get back to you with an informative and satisfactory answer to your question.

To learn more please go to our Whitepaper and get an extended view of Crypto Bank Token

Crypto Bank Token gives you access to a wide spectrum of Staking in our ecosystem, here you can buy, store and trade Crypto Bank Token.

No refund shall be provided under any circumstances.

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